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Technology is pleasure

The explore-it materials and tasks enable girls and boys to be technically innovative at school. Find out for yourself: explore-it: ... explore, ... invent, ...and more
explore-it-materials 10.- per student


In-service training for school establishments

Experience technic, one to one, in one of our courses organised in your school establishment. Without any previous knowledge, within a 3h course, you will be ready for 20h of captivating lessons in technic, natural sciences and innovation (from 4th primary school, 6H).
Thanks to our donators, we can currently offer an in-service training at significantly reduced price.
More information here

Who is explore-it

gemeinnütziger Vereina charitable association
The service agreements with the supporters of explore-it stipulate beginning with the project status that explore-it will become a provider of teaching and learning materials. It was not possible to provide materials and services for sale, being a research and development project of the Schools of Education. For this reason, the association was founded in cooperation with the partners of explore-it. The goal of the association is the promotion of technical understanding and natural sciences for children and youth. The association is exclusively non-profit and is tax-free since February 2010. The explore-it materials are assembled at the ARWO (sheltered workshop for persons with disabilities) in Wettingen in Argovia, Switzerland.
To obtain advantage of donor funds and using them for specified purpose, the association created in august 2012 the "explore-it foundation". The aim is to promote understanding and innovation of children and adolescents in science and technology and to support and fund activities of the explore-it association.

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekta research and development project
explore-it goes back to a spin-off of the University of Teacher Education Valais (PHVS) and the PH of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (PH FHNW) from 2008.

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Sequences: Guide
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