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... invent: Electromagnets can take care of business

Engineers can find out how to improve upon a good idea using experiments. Now we must consider what can be changed on the electromagnet and try out the various possibilities.

Elektromagnet Erfinden

Experiment Electromagnet

Change the lengths of the wires and the size of the iron core and count how many paper clips can be held.  Make a table and write down your results.

Elektromagnet erfinden

Work together with each other.  Teamwork has many advantages here.

What can be learned from this experiment.  Discuss with the others what is important for constructing a magnet.

What does the strongest electromagnet look like?

Using the available materials, construct the strongest electromagnet, count how many paper clips this supermagnet can hold, and send us a photo.

Elektromagnet erfinden explore-it
...invent: Group crane with an electromagnet

Teamwork is needed for this crane.  A nice crane for exciting group competitions.  The original idea is attributed to the educator Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852).
Elektromagnet erfinden Here a group attempts to collect from the floor and place back in the box 10 scattered paper clips as quickly as possible.
Elektromagnet erfinden The electromagnet is remote controlled.

Elektromagnet erfinden


Your electro-crane

Construct a crane.  Suspend an electromagnet on the crane's arm. Now you can collect and transport iron objects by remote control.

Invent a tricky game or task for other kids.

Verbindugen Kran Here are several ideas on how you can make the connections.


Magnetic magical to and fro

For what can you use the back and forth movement shown in the film?
Who constructs the most exciting object?  Send us your picture or a short video.

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